01 April 2022
EVSO is celebrating its 10th BIRTHDAY!

EVSO is celebrating its 10th Birthday! Check out this newspost for more information on 2022!

Dear EVSO members, 

After 10 years, EVSO is still making progress. Since the beginning, we have a new member platform. We launched our new website and due to COVID we started hosting webinars. To celebrate our 10th birthday, we organize a series of webinars for our members. The exact programm is listed below! We will host the General Assembly at a surprise location (if covid permits) and hopefully we will conclude with a party to celebrate the 10 year existence of EVSO. 

The Committee

Webinar content for 2022:

Tessa Fink, DVM
"Horse and Rider: Systems in Interaction"
26 April 2022 at 20h00
Register on www.evso.eu

Rikke Schulz, DVM, PhD
"Myofascial lines"
9 June, 2022 at 18h00
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Karine Troitzky, DVM
"Head Dysfunctions in newborn calves"
6 September, 2022 at 20h00
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Richard Johnson, DVM, PhD
"Neural circuits associated with sensory signals from fascia"
19 Octobre, 2022 at 20h00 
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